Levallois-Perret - France
Experience Level
3 years
Education Level
Master’s degree in Information and Knowledge Management
  • First steps

    I started my professional career as a Knowledge Manager at the Unesco Education Sector in the Knowledge Management division in 2010. During two years I was in charge of upgrading the intranet and extranet platforms to strengthen Education Sector function as an international laboratory of ideas by mobilising policy and decision makers, researchers, and practitioners.

  • Career Milestones

    Attracted by Knowledge Management vision of the company, based on cutting-edge projects, I joined Devoteam KM Department to take over the responsibility of the Knowledge Communities

  • Everyday life

    My everyday life involves connecting people, encourage them to adopt innovative ways of working and most of all to make them work together!

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  • Nov 17, 2014
    The Power of a Knowledge Community
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