Customer challenges
  • Devoteam enables you to deliver business value by improving IT performance and industrialising a service-oriented organisation.

    The service desk keeps changing. First it was technology-centric, then process-centric. Now, at last, the focus is shifting to the customer.
    Transform your service desk function, your processes and tools for improved value for the business and integrate new usage (mobile, B2B and B2C usages).

    Your #1 challenge is to overcome the difficulty of optimising the cost of service desks and measuring their actual performance.

    • What being “customer-centric” can mean for your organisation, and how it is different from technology- and process-centricity?
    • How business requirements for the service desk change as a result of customer-centricity?
    • How Devoteam’s solution can help you put the customer at the centre of your service desk strategy, planning and operation?
  • Devoteam's client-centric service desk gives you the ability to:

    • Assess perceived performance vs cost and scope of services of service desk
    • Streamline service desk processes
    • Implement a customer satisfaction survey
    • Review service desk sourcing opportunities
Case studies
  • Devoteam supports 300 DevOps teams in professional system monitoring
    A major bank in Amsterdam has been investing for many years in the automation and harmonisation of its Continuous Delivery activities to ensure a smooth production process. The reliability of systems and applications has always been a central objective of those investments: the customer must be able to manage his banking affairs at any time and any place. And reliability is closely bound up with good monitoring of the bank’s systems and applications, which is a responsibility shared by around 300 DevOps teams. Devoteam was tasked with setting up and professionalising that monitoring and training the people in the use of the Agile Scrum Kanban and DevOps working method.
  • a.s.r. on standby 24/7 even without Control Centre
    a.s.r. is an insurer that provides every possible kind of insurance. With almost 3,900 employees and revenues of €3.8 billion in 2014, it is one of the largest insurers in the Netherlands. Until mid-2015, all a.s.r. IT systems were monitored 24/7 by operators in the Control Centre to ensure that customers received impeccable service and good accessibility. Devoteam was tasked with investigating the potential to cut the costs of the Control Centre. This led to a radical recommendation: to shut it down and computerise all the processes. Devoteam helped make this a reality – to the great satisfaction, among others, of monitoring specialist Frans Boejé. He explains why.

  • Cineworld
    Cineworld set to become Europe’s number one cinema chain by placing service at the heart of its business
    Devoteam helps Cineworld elevate all of its services and their delivery to a premier position in the organisation.
  • Devoteam transforms service management for global finance house
    Devoteam enhances communication at worldwide finance house with streamlined regional centres of IT service excellence.
  • Devoteam transforms customer experience at leading UK telecommunications and media giant
    The customer engaged Devoteam to implement a new monitoring system to enhance customer service and help minimise operational costs. The solution has reduced mean time to repair by 80 percent, administration time by 40 percent and hardware costs by 70 percent.
  • Devoteam develops a Central Services Platform for improved business performance
    Devoteam empowered its client, a wholesale unit of an important telecom company, to win and maintain major multinational companies as customers.
  • World Top 10 Legal practice boosts IT service management across its worldwide operation
    This Top 10 international legal practice, with 4,000 lawyers and annual revenue of $2 billion, engaged Devoteam to implement a service management solution from ServiceNow to help streamline the firm’s operation and boost productivity across the globe.
  • Devoteam achieves IT service excellence through strategic integration of ServiceNow with CA Nimsoft
    Leading UK bingo retailer Gala Retail called on Devoteam to help it optimise service management and IT performance across its entire operation through a unique, integrated solution involving ServiceNow and CA-Nimsoft Monitor technologies.
  • Devoteam helps leading managed service provider maintain its premier position in the European market
    This leading European provider of managed network, hosting and cloud integration services for businesses chose Devoteam to deliver a solution that would improve customer satisfaction and retention following degradation of its carrier network.
  • Enhanced early warning system by Devoteam for major credit card issuer is a world first in IT Service Assurance
    Devoteam helped the card issuer reduce risk by leveraging CA eHealth to monitor business activity in real-time and improve early visibility of potential problems.
  • Devoteam places human capital care at the heart of IT Service Excellence
    This global leader in assurance, tax and advisory services operates in over 150 countries with more than 150,000 people. Faced with up to 100,000 HR enquiries per year, the organisation invited Devoteam to help streamline its customer care systems for greater efficiency, better security and lower operating cost.
  • Devoteam Helps the Nationwide Building Society Transform Service
    Devoteam helped the Nationwide Building Society transform service management by consolidating the service desks of its three recently acquired regional building societies – Cheshire, Derbyshire and Dunfermline. As a result, the whole organisation is adopting ServiceNow for its core IT service management.
  • Implementing a configuration management system
    Given the diversity of systems and platforms a major bank in the Czech Republic needed an absolute overview of all IT components, with a strong focus on the interconnection of business services and technology infrastructure.
  • Green IT solution with international perspectives
    The green IT solution, ecoDesktop, was developed as a result of the Municipality of Fredericia’s objective to reduce the annual electricity consumption from 20 GWh to 1.6 GWh.
    From the beginning, it was a vital demand that the power-saving initiatives would not in any way limit the municipality’s efficiency or the employees’ access to their computers. Also, the system had to be easy to administer on a daily basis.
  • IT transformation acceleration through a service broker approach at Safran
    Safran is a leading international high-technology group with 3 core business lines - aerospace, defence and security.
    Recently, the Group expanded its international presence, with 62,500 employees and generated sales of 13.6 billion euros in 2012.
  • Devoteam helps shape the future of shopping
    Leading UK multi-channel retailer boosts a clear scale advantage by enhancing its nationwide operation through streamlined service management.
  • Devoteam helps Kcom revolutionise the customer experience for managed services
    Devoteam helps Kcom, a leading UK communications service provider, embrace next generation services to deliver a world-class customer experience
At a glance
    • Consolidated helpdesks, available 24/7
    • Harmonised processes and continuous improvement
    • Self service
    • Knowledge management