Dec 7, 2015
Online campaigns are a valuable addition to campaigns in the traditional media. One of the key benefits is that the results are much easier to measure. Unfortunately, a lot of measurement methodologies still leave much to be desired. Commonly used ad servers give no information on ‘who’ has been reached, reporting only the number of unique browsers or devices on which the ad has been viewed. That skews the actual net digital reach, because people use different browsers and devices. For that reason the market research firm MSI-ACI commissioned Devoteam to develop a new, advanced version of FlexTrack™. FlexTrack is a modern SaaS solution that measures and evaluates websites and digital campaigns at personal level, backed up by tens of thousands of panel members who can be asked to take part in research and effect surveys. MSI-ACI offers FlexTrack to customers who regularly conduct digital campaigns. The solution meets the ever-growing demand among both marketers and digital publishers for reliable reach data and detailed target group information.
  • Easy to use

    The attractiveness of FlexTrack lies in its particular ease of use at the front end, despite the statistical complexity at the back end. When a customer asks MSI-ACI to measure a campaign, a project with a dashboard is created. The customer receives a ‘view tag’ and a ‘click tag’, which can be placed in the ad or website as an HTML pixel. From then on the customer can track the campaigns in real time. The system does the rest.

  • Scalability

    An important requirement in the new version was scalability to handle peak loads. In some cases tens of millions of views have to be processed each day, while the number of panel members also has to be able to grow constantly. That is why Devoteam chose Microsoft Azure, the flexible development platform from Microsoft for cloud solutions. FlexTrack places cookies on devices of approximately 90,000 selected panel members who are representative of the Dutch Internet population between the ages of 16 and 70 and whose demographic data, such as gender, age and level of education, are known. FlexTrack then records every impression of the placed ads, with all contacts being counted and processed into readable data. Some of the recorded views come from panel members, these being recorded by means of the installed cookies. The views are aggregated intelligently and stored in binary search trees. The advertiser can then get a detailed picture of the actual reach and demographic profiles of each individual advertisement to assess the performance of the various components of the campaign.

  • Real-time charts

    To provide a clear overview and ensure that all that data is readable, Devoteam also worked with MVC and jQuery to develop a dynamic front-end solution that filters and organises the large stream of data. The advertiser can then at any time generate real-time charts showing at a glance the performance of his campaigns. And Devoteam has also made the application very user-friendly on the administration side. MSI-ACI can professionally carry out the whole process of recruiting, screening, validating and monitoring panel members and guaranteeing their privacy. With this new release of FlexTrack, Devoteam has once again demonstrated its ability to build leading solutions on state-of-the-art development platforms such as Microsoft Azure. With FlexTrack, customers of MSI-ACI have a very powerful tool that enables them to measure their campaigns better than ever before.

  • Mervyn Brookson, senior account manager at MSI-ACI with responsibility for FlexTrack:

    Expectations are always high in the world of digital marketing. Our customers expect an intelligent and above all user-friendly interface that immediately provides the results people are looking for. Effective measurement of new devices and advertising technologies is taken for granted. Devoteam has successfully built flexibility into FlexTrack to accommodate both technological developments and the constantly growing numbers of impressions.