Feb 10, 2014
The last 12 months have brought radical change for IT and the CIO role, and this will continue next years. There are some challenges that IT must plan for the coming years which are often contradictory:
  • Main challenges
    • Cost optimisation: The crisis is present, IT is considered as a cost center and it is one of the first targets for cost reduction initiative. This is, for the CIO, a complex balancing act to manage at the same time the evolution of IT and this drastic cost reduction.
    • Grow with the Business by improving services: A current trend is that IT organisation must act more as a distinct business entity by creating Products (including services) for the other Line of Business (LOB) organisations within the enterprise with flexible and agile services to quickly respond to the changing needs of the business
    • Risks mitigation: This point is not trivial, the most of enterprise risks often falls under the responsibility of the CIO who must ensure IT continuity, resilience, compliance and security to safeguard assets and help minimise negative financial exposure. Today, 80% of the BELUX companies doesn’t have the adequate IT maturity which helps to give the right and the global answer to all these challenges. IT encounters difficulties to reach the appropriate level. There are two reasons, firstly, this is not only a technical initiative; some aspects such as processes and governance must be also considered in the equation (ex:  processes too heavy and not totally under control, IT organisation in silos). Secondly the background of the IT, which leads to a resistance to the change.

    In this context, the evolution of the IT slows down and sometimes even totally stopped because of the inadequate answer to the challenges which progressively leads IT to a form of procrastination.
      An electroshock in the way of thinking is required to break out this vicious circle and helps your company to become competitive on the market thanks to its optimised IT.

  • What did we solve?

    Cloud in a box solution accelerates the transformation of your IT by proposing a direct jump to the right level of the maturity whilst avoiding the usual pitfalls such as the background history and the resistance to the change. This disruptive way of thinking also introduces innovation by controlling the risk of this ambitious initiative.
    Cloud in a box is the best combination of the hardware (Cisco UCS/ NEXUS) and Software (Microsoft System Center/Hyper-V) optimised for processes automation which enables to solve all the technical aspects in only 30 mandays. This approach helps IT to focus on the real challenge which is the elaboration of the service catalogue. Cloud in a box includes an iterative methodology for the definition of this catalogue with a guarantee of success for the client.

  • What are the main benefits for the customer?

    Cloud in a box accelerates the transformation of the maturity of your IT to the Dynamic level by optimizing of the CAPEX and drastically, strongly reducing the OPEX and giving the definitive answers to all the IT challenges planned for the coming years.