Dec 20, 2013
Carlsberg is the world’s fourth largest brewery group. The flagship brand – Carlsberg – is one of the best-known beer brands in the world. More than 43,000 people work for the Carlsberg Group. As an independent wholly owned business affiliation Carlsberg IT (CIT) provides consultancy, development and services on IT solutions in the Carlsberg Group.
  • Main challenges

    Carslberg IT delivers business solutions to Carlsberg's breweries across Europe. CIT work with established technology within e.g. SAP, Microsoft and proven methodologies to ensure that our customers can achieve their goals. A key element in supporting Carlsberg’s wide spread business activities and growth strategy is a reliable, secure and cost-efficient IT infrastructure.

  • What did we solve?

    Devoteam has assisted Carlsberg IT throughout a 9 months process leading to deployment of a new standardized IT infrastructure covering 20 countries across Europe. In collaboration with Carlsberg IT Devoteam has:

    • identified detailed technical and operational requirements for Carlsberg network services
    • performed technical and financial analysis and evaluation of potential service providers
    • conducted successful contract negotiations with a global service provider best matching Carlsberg’s requirements for WAN and LAN services.

    Through a detailed review process of Carlsberg requirements for network services Devoteam formulated the technical and operational service requirements which formed the technical part of the “Request for Proposal” material which in turn was submitted to a selected group of potential service providers chosen on the basis of the scope and geographical reach of the required network services.

    Devoteam structured the RFP material and provided detailed instructions to bidders enabling Devoteams methodical, systematic and quantitative approach to be applied to service provider evaluation, both from a technical and financial perspective. The resulting scorecard evaluation resulted in a recommendation for service provider selection for the purpose of detailed workshops and negotiations through which Devoteam
    assisted Carlsberg’s technical and procurement team.

  • Main benefits

    As a result of the workshop and negotiation process Devoteam and Carlsberg jointly concluded on the choice of service provider for Carlsberg to enter into agreement with, leading into the final contract negotiation and writing phase. Devoteam further assisted Carlsberg in formulating the Service Management part of the new service contract through continuous dialog and negotiations with the selected service provider. Throughout the process Devoteam and Carlsberg IT acted in close collaboration ensuring that Carlsberg business requirements and objectives for the new IT services were met.

    “We have benefited from Devoteam’s standard approach for conducting an RFP on network services and Devoteam’s market knowledge in the process of service provider evaluation and selection. This has helped us to make a well informed decision and secure an agreement with a global service provider that will be able to support an expanded IT infrastructure covering Carlsberg’s business development going forward.” Michael Meller Sørensen, Sourcing Analyst at Carlsberg IT.