Dec 20, 2013
DONG Energy Wind Power is a market leader in offshore wind energy and a fast-growing business unit within DONG Energy. Its continuing focus on optimising business processes and establishing best practices led them in 2012 to engage Devoteam in a project that would help them best identify, manage and share their business-critical information across the business unit.
  • Main challenges

    Headquartered in Denmark, DONG Energy is the current market leader in offshore wind power and has more than 20 years of experience with offshore wind farm development. The business unit Wind Power alone employs more than 1300 people and they develop, construct and operate wind farms across the whole of Northern Europe.

    In 2012, the Business Systems Organisation in Wind Power began the process of implementing a Group Records Management Policy across the entire business unit. The growing complexity of the business required an increased focus on the handling of records across the organisation. The project was established with the following main objectives:

    • Examine how Wind Power documents and stores its records.
    • Identify possible gaps.
    • Ensure basis for proper management of business-critical information.
    • Create a benchmark for information management and measure progress.
  • What did we solve?

    “Besides delivering on the task assigned, Devoteam developed an implementation process that far exceeded our expectations and left us with some very useful measurement and communication tools, which we can continue to use.”
    - Claus Højland Bergh-Hansen, Manager in Business Systems, DONG Energy Wind Power

    Devoteam assisted Wind Power for a period of six months.

    In the first phase of the project, Devoteam confirmed that the skills required for Records Management were already present in Wind Power. Thus the project focused on awareness, efficient communication and the measurement of key performance indicators. Understanding the organisation’s readiness to change became essential to the success of the project. The first challenge was to make Records Management tangible to each employee in Wind Power, so the communication efforts focused on making the value of Records Management visible and available to all employees.

    Devoteam chose to examine the current Records Management in Wind Power through individual interviews with all personnel managers in the business unit. That way the information came directly from the managers themselves, and this helped create presence and awareness of the project. Devoteam then helped each manager identify and specify the most critical business activities executed within their individual departments.

    Through these interviews, Devoteam identified the departments facing the biggest challenges and planned efforts where they would have the greatest impact. Devoteam benchmarked data between departments, which made it possible to tie the results directly to the organisation chart, making it easy to assign responsibility.

  • What is Records Management?

    Records Management involves maintaining all business-critical records of an organisation from the time they are created up until their eventual disposal. A record can be any type of information created in the course of doing business that can be used to document activities and transactions. regardless of media. Effective Records Management allows fast, accurate and reliable access to records, ensuring the timely destruction of redundant information and the identification and protection of vital and historically significant records. It enables organisations not only to function on a day-to-day basis, but also to meet regulatory and legal requirements, reduce operating costs, minimize litigation risks and prevent possible losses in brand equity associated with non-compliance.

  • Photo by: Steven Kjeld Christensen
    Photo by: Claus Praeger-Jahnsen