Our Management and Sales Model
Our Management and Sales people accompany the operational teams working with our clients. They support and develop the business. To achieve our common objectives of performance, quality and satisfaction, the team spirit and our results-oriented culture are intrinsic to our management, sales and support functions.
  • An agile organisation and skilful work

    We are in a human-sized company with an engaged and easily accessible top management. We are well-organised to work simultaneously with many different customers on diverse tasks.

  • Why join us?
    • A wide variety of missions and a great international presence.
    • Major and prestigious customers in lots of business sectors.
    • Constant accompaniment and personal monitoring throughout your managerial or sales career.
    • Strong business knowledge shared with the rest of the firm.
    • A socially responsible company.

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Meet our Management and Sales profiles
  • Sjoerd Veen
    Senior Sales Manager - The Netherlands
  • Hans Beugelink
    Sales Manager Finance, Utilities & Telecom - The Netherlands
    Personal development, teamwork, fun and a positive vibe!
  • Simon Ruszala
    Network Transformation Practice Manager - United Kingdom
    I feel a keen sense of pride working in such an evolving market and with top class people supporting our strategy
A closer look
We focus on our Bid Management, helping our clients to find the best resources and skills.
  • Career paths
    A competence framework that offers a large range of opportunities in terms of managerial and sales roles.
    Training programs trace our careers, including technical, soft and transversal skills.
  • Business knowledge sharing
    To support our Bid Management, we use a collaborative tool and have created an agile process, increasing productivity and business effectiveness.
  • Required profiles
    With a degree from an Engineering School or a Business School, you are willing to commit to developing business rapidly, opening new accounts and working closely with our customers.