Our consulting model
Devoteam Consulting is the IT transformation and management consulting entity of Devoteam.
At the crossroads of business and technology, Devoteam Consulting teams lead large companies through the definition of their IT strategy, their IT transformation plans, and their change management programs.
  • A career development accelerator

    We guide and drive you throughout your career so that you can achieve your objectives.
    Our development program allows you to improve your skills and gain know-how and self-confidence - the two keys to success.
    The program provides you with a mentor, a training plan and a regular evaluation process.
    Your success is essential to Devoteam Consulting's success and we invest a lot of energy in your career.

  • Why join us?

    A wide variety of opportunities and a great international presence.
    Constant accompaniment and personal monitoring throughout your career.
    A human-sized company with an engaged and accessible management.
    Strong knowledge management shared with the rest of the firm.
    A socially responsible company.

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Meet our Consultants
  • Marcellus Elfrey
    Solution Consultant - United Kingdom
    The right level of stimulation and challenge motivate me.
  • Stéphanie Meyer
    Associate Partner - France
    What I appreciate within Devoteam is the richness brought by the diversity of the actors at all experience levels I work with
  • Muguette Elbersen
    Senior consultant LEAN / Agile - The Netherlands
    Develop and deliver services which clearly add value to our customers´ business. Making sure that our consultants can grow to their full potential and helping them achieving their goals.
A closer look
We focus on consulting and IT management, helping our clients to innovate and transform their information systems.
  • Our recruitment process
    Before joining our teams, you will have a series of three interviews (only two for internships):
    - A personality interview with one of our HR managers to discuss your resume, your expectations and your motivations.
    - A managerial interview with one of our principals to assess, through a case study, your skills and way of thinking.
    - A final interview with one of our partners to evaluate whether you match the job and the company values.
  • Training program
    A structured and complete training program to sustain career development.
    Our professional career paths allow you to acquire the functional, technical and methodological skills for each rank (consultant, senior consultant, principal, senior principal, partner).
  • Required profiles
    - With a degree from an Engineering School, Business School or Master 2 program, you are willing to commit to large projects and assume rapidly increasing responsibilities.
    - You have excellent interpersonal skills and a keen sense of service and quality.
    - You enjoy working with a team but can function autonomously.
    - And you would like to join a rising consulting company to strengthen your expertise and share your enthusiasm.
Main assignments
  • Feasibility study for a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) strategy
    "Today 2 out of 3 co-worker bring their own devices to work, and they want to use them in their professional environment.
    Their integration - especially mobiles from an outside source - is a real challenge but also brings new ways of working.
    As a Devoteam Principal, I helped the IT department of a multinational firm understand how to incorporate personal initiatives into the company's plan. I supervised the identification of stakes and risks for all company areas (HR/Legal, IT/IS, Business, Security) and the realisation of a state-of-the-art BYOD program.
    Thanks to this mission, I'm helping transform the way people work. It is very rewarding to observe the satisfaction inside the firm."


  • Rethinking the field force mobile strategy of an environment company
    To increase the competitiveness and mobile device use of its field forces, the company trusted Devoteam to define its field mobile strategy. In my role of Senior Consultant, I structured and oversaw:
    - Audits of the existing situation to define the current limits
    - Interviews to gather expectations about the current mobile solution
    - Essential components of a modern and progressive mobility solution (terminals, fleet management, business software, IS)
    - Scenarios and recommendations for the evolution of field mobility
    Our mission was conducted by a multi-disciplinary project team. Leading and having people work with a variety of specialists is a fascinating aspect of being a Delivery Resource Manager”

    Senior Consultant

  • I also help to make Devoteam an even more diverse company
    I chose Devoteam because of the personal appreciation during the recruitment process and because of the career steps I’d like to make in the coming five years. I am glad to confirm that the appreciation is still there for the many things I do and that Devoteam gives me space and opportunity to help me reaching my career goals.
    Currently I work on an assignment for the Central Government Real Estate Agency (Rijksvastgoedbedrijf) to help them rationalizing processes and IT systems. It’s my job to unite all involved business analysts to make sure that project objectives are aligned.
    Besides my role at clients I am a lead consultant for Devoteam. In this role I develop new products and services for the public sector, based on my knowledge of specific processes and organizations. To create the outline for new or improved products and services, I cooperate with my sales colleagues and our principal consultant.
    I also try to make Devoteam a more diverse company, by searching for new female colleagues and discussing how to make Devoteam a great place to work for women. And of course I will help my female colleagues in making career plans and help them realizing them.

    Senior Business Analyst