Since 2007, Devoteam is on track with achieving its primary goal of becoming a major corporate citizen especially on diversity and disabilities.
To that end, Devoteam is continuously striving to make its HR policy sustainable with regard to equality of opportunity. In 2012, Devoteam signed an agreement in favour of recruitment and retention of disabled workers. This agreement is further to the convention signed with Agefiph*, which was effective from May 2009 until May 2011.
  • Developing a strong diversity and disability programme

    When signing this agreement, Devoteam committed to go beyond recruitment issues and to develop various action plans, including:

    • Organising awareness activities and training for employees
    • Supporting disabled employees anonymously and individually
    • Stepping up the efforts to keep disabled workers in the workforce and improve their working conditions with the help of training programmes and career path management
    • Developing partnerships with companies in the protected and adapted sector. 
  • Connect and meet new talents

    An applicant is recruited for their skills. Our recruitment policy is to integrate disabled workers on an equal basis with others

    Devoteam is always looking for new talents to enrich our work team. To that end, we are present at many job fairs and forums (Mardi du handicap IT, Pass pour l’emploi, salon virtuel, village Handicap…), where candidates can establish initial contact and learn more about our job opportunities. We also invite applicants to connect with us through our partner, Réseau-Handicap, the first social recruitment and disability network in France. Furthermore, Devoteam broadcasts all its open positions on specialised disability job boards. 

  • Promoting the retention of disable workers

    The role of the Mission Handicap Department is not only to recruit new talents but also to maintain the adapted working environment depending on the disability. The range of activities to facilitate the everyday life of our employees is very great. If needed, we support them with their move in the case of a transfer, we can adapt their workstation and give them access to personalised training programmes... All these improvements contribute to making our workforce a successful and flourishing one.

  • Changing the way we think about people with disabilities

    Devoteam is truly convinced that society's opinion about people with disabilities is evolving positively. To support this trend, Devoteam, through its Mission Handicap Department, organises disability awareness activities for its employees (blind wine-tasting, massage by disabled workers…). Moreover, when integrating into Devoteam, our newcomers as well as recruiters and managers are given disability training. Devoteam also communicates on a regular basis through its intranet various news items related to disability. 


    * Agefiph is France’s leading organisation dedicated to helping disabled people secure employment in the private sector.