Sep 8, 2014
  • Our Knowledge Communities (KCs) have empowered our collaboration culture since 2000. The 3,900 Devoteam employees from 21 countries in EMEA are connected daily to a powerful social collaboration initiative. The KCs invent new ways to work as teams, innovate, solve business problems and create new solutions for our customers.

    One of the main challenges for IT companies is to keep their expertise on the cutting edge of technological trends. The Knowledge Communities allow us to better manage client projects by having more accurate knowledge of our capabilities and expertise.

    These communities bring together our subject matter experts across entities and borders. They invite employees to develop their professional networks with peers in their domains of expertise and to benefit from social learning by sharing, solving problems and developing knowledge around innovative topics.

  • The KCs are aligned on Devoteam business objectives and on our customers' needs. They are an extension of Devoteam offers.
    We currently have 8 communities, including IT Transformation and Cloud Transformation, ServiceNow solution for ITSE and aPaaS projects, Google, Digital and Mobile, Service Management and Service Assurance, and Risk and Security. Each community is managed by a community leader who ensures the vitality of the community and its roadmap. We are using the KCs as a way to discover new talent.

  • "The Knowledge Communities are a win/win solution for Devoteam employees and clients. The consultants use the community as a knowledge base to succeed in their missions, and Devoteam is capitalising on experience." Godefroy de Bentzmann

    The KC roadmaps are designed each year to forecast future needs and define actions to plan. During the year, this may involve REX webinars, internal and external conferences, testimonials on projects, products sheets, training documentation, exchange of good practices and technical help.

    We have provided Knowledge Communities with a strong identity to give greater visibility to the work done by their members. And promoting  this initiative externally strengthens our position as an innovative company.

  • The Knowledge Communities are an extension of our company. They are an international structure capitalising on the expertise and experience of our people to ensure technological excellence and promote innovation.